24-Hour Phone (559) 221-6907

Auberry-Shaver Lake

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Cities in Huntington & Shaver
Lakes – Route 168 Area
Meeting Location Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Auberry Area
33276 Lodge Road, Tollhouse
Sierra Oaks Senior Center

7:00 C

2nd speaker

7:00 B

last birthday

MonoWind, Big Sandy Gym
2:30 !
32410 Rock Hill Ln., Auberry

Sierra Lutheran Church

7:00 PM

Shaver Lake
41690 Tollhouse Rd.


Meeting Codes

ASL American Sign Language

B Big Book Meeting

C Closed Meeting (Alcoholics Only)

CC Child Care Provided

Ch Chip Meeting

G Gay

GV Grapevine

H Handicap

M Men Only

P Promises

S Step Study

SP Speaker/Participation Meeting

SM Speaker Meeting

T Traditions

TM Topic Meeting

W Women Only

YP Young People

12 Twelve by Twelve

! 1 Hour

!! 1¼ Hour